Lubricating Grease

STRATCO provides reliable, state-of-the-art production technology, equipment and services to maintain our customers` competitive advantage in the global market of lubricating oil and grease.


Roofing Materials

The high dispersion mixing in the Modified Asphalt Contactor reactor is achieved using the hydraulic head assembly, in conjunction with the unique internal vessel configuration, forcing the entire contents through multiple blending cycles every minute.


Spare Parts

The key to maximizing the life and efficiency of your STRATCO Contactor reactor is proper maintenance. This includes not only proper lubrication, but also the prompt repair or replacement of wearable parts.



STRATCO offers the Biodiesel Contactor reactor for transesterification reactions regardless of the type of catalyst or feedstock (vegetable oils, yellow grease, animal fats, waste oils, algae etc.).

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Since 1928, STRATCO® has been a leading provider of specialized blending and reaction equipment for greases, lubricants, reformulated gasoline, biodiesel, roofing materials and other hydrocarbon processing and petrochemical areas. We provide reliable, state-of-the-art production technology, equipment, and services to maintain our customers' competitive advantage in the global market of lubricating grease and roofing materials.


The development, design, fabrication, and operation of STRATCO® process equipment is backed by nearly 9 decades of experience, with multiple units installed throughout the world. STRATCO offers to manufacturers around the world a semi-continuous process to manufacture various types of greases, ranging from calcium, lithium, and sodium to more specialized greases such as aluminum complex, polyurea, etc. Our process allows you, the manufacturer, to minimize unit manufacturing costs while maintaining high standards of quality. See Our Latest Ad




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