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STRATCO stands at the leading edge of lubricating grease, asphalt roofing mixing technologies. An Engineering firm that designs and manufactures equipment for various petrochemical processes and continues with the commitment to research and development improving existing mixing, reacting, and blending technologies.

STRATCO is actively expanding through its entrepreneurial arm, staffed with both market development and engineering expertise as a leading designer of quality processes in the chemical and petrochemical industries.

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STRATCO, Inc was founded in 1928 in what was then the U.S. “hub” for lubricating greases, Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. C. W. Stratford designed and patented a mixer for lubricating greases known as the Contactor™ reactor, the first of which was installed in 1929 and in operation 80+ years.

It was in the 1930s when C.W. Stratford and one of his friends in the oil industry were riding a train to New York when the conversation turned to using the Contactor reactor to mix products for other industries. At the time, war efforts were generating a critical need for large volumes of high-octane aviation fuel. As a solution Stratford, along with several major oil companies, developed the Alkylation process.

The Government called upon C. W. and Mr. Westinghouse, a friend of C.W., to supply the Alkylation equipment and technology. Refiners began to install the STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor which utilized either sulfuric acid (H2SO4) or hydrofluoric acid (HF) as the catalyst. STRATCO maintained aggressive Alkylation process R&D concentrating on using H2SO4 as the catalyst.

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A Note From Our Team:

As a proponent of the Oil Industry--its amazing and brilliant people, inventors of technologies that make the world a better place, the $trillion+ contributor to the US economy alone and the 10 million+ American jobs this Industry supports. It is often popular to talk about one segment and harp on it until most people don't want to hear any more!  Almost, if not all, products we use daily are mass manufactured and the machines require lubricating greaseand lube oil which comes from the great people in the Oil Industry.

So, do we want no more transportation—airplanes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, boats--car components, paints, wheels, rims…no more housing or things from roof to kitchen to basement such as containers/hair dryers, no clothing, no sports equipment, no technology we depend on now 24/7, no dishwashing detergent? No matter what some ads may show, the very packaging is mass manufactured, as are almost all of the containers we use?

This is my Industry and I appreciate the infinite number of ways these people contribute to making life more comfortable and sustainable for 7+ billion people!


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