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For more than nine decades, STRATCO has designed and developed lubricating grease manufacturing technology and equipment. STRATCO is most widely known for the supply of the STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor and has a long history in the industry as the supplier of Technology and equipment for the Lubricating Grease industry. We offer our customers a one-stop shop for all their needs in the lubricating grease industry. After a grease plant becomes operational, STRATCO® can provide technical troubleshooting, refurbishments, supply of spare parts and work with the grease manufacturer to satisfy any needs that arise.

Our Services Include:

  • Formulations
  • Design basis and product slate studies
  • License formulations for a variety of greases
  • Preliminary and detailed process design
  • Provide process and mechanical design for the complete facility and would partner with an architectural/engineering firm for design in other disciplines, such as civil, structural, architectural and electrical
  • Equipment and spare parts procurement
  • Supply the proprietary STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor and all other process equipment from third party manufacturers
  • Construction management
  • Act as construction manager, including qualification of local construction companies through a competitive bidding process
  • Operator training
  • Provide training for plant operating personnel
  • Start-up assistance
  • Supervise and coordinate the start-up and commissioning of the plant
  • Process audits and efficiency studies

Lubricating Grease Manufacturing

The development, design, fabrication, and operation of STRATCO® process equipment is backed by over 9 decades of experience, with hundreds of units installed throughout the world. Our process allows you, the manufacturer, to minimize unit manufacturing costs while maintaining high standards of quality of the final product. Our customer base is located in 60 countries and 6 continents.

Asphalt Shingle Manufacturing

In collaboration with an industry world leader in the manufacture of asphalt roofing shingles, STRATCO designed a modified version of the Contactor™ reactor for blending asphalt-filler adhesive used in the manufacture of rood shingles. The specialized design provides a more efficient trouble-free blending of the adhesive and improves temperature control to maximize production throughput. Improved quality and throughput allows a rapid return on investment with greater process reliability.

Engineering Design

Stratco offers a full range of engineering design services.  A variety of products can be processed using our STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor technology due to its effectiveness in mixing, dispersion and heat transfer, which is ideal for chemical reaction processing.

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