STRATCO Acquires Covenant Engineering Services, LLC

STRATCO is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Covenant Engineering Services, LLC (CES) as of 4/28!  With the acquisition of CES, STRATCO has accelerated our plans to expand our support capabilities into Lube Oil blending processes, manufacturing support, equipment design, and related industries.

Covenant Engineering Services was established in 1995 with the primary purpose of providing quality process engineering services to the lubricating grease manufacturing industry.  The main focus was to help the industry advance in manufacturing techniques through the application of sound process engineering principles and the incorporation of modern technical resources with the ultimate goal of helping clients produce the best and most consistent products economically.  Their mission was to provide clients with quality engineering backed with integrity.  The company’s name stems from the word “covenant” because covenant is another word for “promise” and is used 280 times in the Bible.  Just as God expressed his promise to his followers, the firm promised to keep their commitments to their clients.

When asked during the acquisition on the hopes for future goals moving forward, the current CEO of CES, Richard Burkhalter, stated, “To continue to be a Christian witness in the marketplace and provide excellent process engineering support to the lubricating grease industry.”

“The management team at STRATCO has known and respected Richard and Margaret Burkhalter for years.  We believe that the reputation that Covenant has built through the years within the lubricating grease industry is pivotal in giving our customers a better overall product from early conceptual design through commissioning,” said Diane Graham, CEO of STRATCO, Inc.

In addition, STRATCO’s VP of Engineering, John Kay, stated, “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Richard on a number of international and domestic projects over the last 20 years and I look forward to the additional manufacturing and operational insights that CES will provide to our customer base.”

For more information about STRATCO or to contact us in response to the announcement please visit our website for more details.