Miss Neera Mistry STRATCO

Hello Everyone!

My passion for the sciences and chemistry was discovered years ago when I was directly exposed to my father’s career in chemistry and tribology. This was done through family participation at both US National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) and the European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI) conferences for several years. Both industry forums play a vital role in the promotion of lubricants, grease and tribology in conjunction with all branches of chemistry. Chemistry plays a significant role in lubricant and grease formulation development for optimizing product performance. Participation at these international conferences was a turning point for me in generating interest in science at a very young age.


My interests in the sciences and chemistry prolonged at Lincoln-Way North High School, where importance of science in community especially chemistry was realized and valued. A community and its functions cannot operate without the involvement of science and this became clear and inspirational for me as part of my learning curve. My future ambition to become a scientist was solidified and it was this reason I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at Lewis University (2019) to promote my goals in the sciences. Diane Graham and STRATCO supported me successfully during my bachelor’s program. Their firm belief for a women’s role in science is very appealing in modern day industry and it was this initiative together with financial support that was provided towards my tuition that made a significant difference towards my career aspirations…every little bit helps!


Once at Lewis University, I had a very good opportunity to further develop a strategy to look at chemistry as a career. My true journey and passion in chemistry at Lewis University began at this point and the excitement that came with it was beyond anything I expected. I am very happy and satisfied with the decision I made in doing my bachelor’s program at Lewis University. I am also delighted I showed interest in my dad’s work and watched how his career has shaped up as a skilled and knowledgeable contributor to industry in the field of lubricating grease and tribology incorporated with chemistry. As part of an ongoing plan to carve up a career in chemistry, I was very fortunate that I was able to intern in an R&D laboratory at a facility where concepts of lubricant technology and chemistry are worked together to develop products fit for mechanical applications that impact our lives and community every day.

With a view to continuing my career in tribology, I pursued my master’s degree in chemistry at the same university. It provided me a stronger foundation for networking and communicating internally and externally to promote scientific findings through research. My master’s program provided me with an opportunity to better my scientific approach towards grease technology. The program helped transition my efforts effectively for a career in industry and community as a well-rounded person in a scientific arena. During this time, I also took the NLGI basic grease course in 2020.

My goal now is to develop a long-term career in the field of lubricating grease. This technology and industry are continuously evolving to meet the ever-changing performance demands in user-end components. This changing dynamic is one fundamental reason for my drive and passion towards working in this industry. Family support is imperative for me because it was due to my Mum and Dad that I was able to connect with many people at the NLGI and ELGI, who on themselves are one big family. I cannot thank Diane Graham and the STRATCO family, including Cecilia Mancero and John Kay, enough for this wonderful gesture, friendship and support towards my goals and aspirations in potentially becoming part of this great industry!

Thank you,

Neera Mistry