Engineering Design

The Contactor™ Reactor

STRATCO® semi-continuous grease process to manufacture various types of lubricating greases, ranging from calcium, lithium complex and sodium to more specialized greases such as aluminum complex, polyurea, etc. The process is similar to that of the conventional kettle process, but more efficient and flexible, allowing to minimize unit manufacturing costs while producing a high quality product.

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Improved Yield
The high shear rate of the mixing apparatus gives a more uniform dispersion of soap into the oil. This higher dispersion yields a thicker grease which translates into more grease per thickener. Thickener content for a standard lithium based grease can often be reduced between 30% and 50% over a standard kettle operation.
Reduced Production Time
The high circulation rate of the Contactor™ reactor permits rapid heating of the mixture to saponification temperature.
The design permits heating or cooling with a circulating heat transfer oil and operates under pressure or vacuum conditions.
Pressure Operation
Certain types of greases are best made under controlled pressure reaction conditions, which conserves energy and inhibits "foaming". This, combined with the high shear rate, offers complete saponification.
Direct Finishing
Moving the grease mixture at maximum velocity through the impeller has been shown to be a key factor in homogenizing and finishing greases.
All standard calcium, sodium, lithium, and complex greases can be produced in a single Contactor™ reactor, as well as aluminum complex, polyurea and calcium sulfonate greases.
Operational Savings
Reduction in production time, labor costs and raw materials can result in a pay back of less than one year.
Consistency & Uniformity
The high heat transfer coefficient and high circulation rate results in tight time-temperature control. This, in turn, results in a high level of repeatability and consistent product quality between batches.
  • Efficient emulsification of dissimilar liquids.
  • Rapid dispersion of a small amount of one ingredient into a large mass of a second ingredient.
  • Flexibility for either batch or continuous processes and/or several processes (heating, cooling, pressure, atmospheric, vacuum) in a single vessel.
  • Multiple sizes and metallurgies.


The STRATCO® Contactor reactor is a versatile and efficient machine. Any process that requires emulsification or mixing of dissimilar liquids or reactants can be efficiently and effectively accomplished in the STRATCO® Contactor reactor.

As well as:

  • Chemically treating non-hazardous and hazardous wastes.
  • Blending of chemical wastes for future incineration or other disposal.
  • Chemical synthesis of lubricating oil additives.
  • Production of pharmaceutical creams and specialty drugs.
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Modified Asphalt Contactor (MAC) Reactor

The STRATCO® Modified Asphalt Contactor™ (MAC) reactor is designed to blend modifiers and fillers with asphalt cement / bitumen to produce modified asphalt for the paving, bitumastic roofing or building industrial applications.

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Grease Manufacturing Process

The heart of the STRATCO® lubricating grease manufacturing process is the proprietary STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor. The outstanding feature of the Contactor™ reactor is its high turbulent circulation in a closed cycle path. All energy input through the mixing impeller is expended within the materials being mixed and there is virtually no pressure differential between the Contactor reactor's inlet and outlet.

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Maintenance | Spare Parts, Refurbishment, and Service

The key to maximizing the life and efficiency of your STRATCO® Contactor™ reactor is proper maintenance. This includes not only proper lubrication, but also the prompt repair or replacement of wearable parts. STRATCO offers replacement parts, repair services and complete refurbishment to ensure that your Contactor™ reactor is maintained in the greatest operating condition.

Why you should use genuine STRATCO® OEM parts:

  • Prolongs life of seals, bearings, motors and impellers
  • Protects shaft from wear
  • Optimum raw material dispersion and heat transfer to minimize energy costs and maximize quality

Our critical dimensional tolerances are less than 0.02mm, because it matters.

For current pricing on STRATCO® OEM parts or complete Hydraulic Head assemblies, please contacts us at today.

Mobile Water Purification Unit

The STRATCO® Mobile Water Purification Unit is completely contained within a sixteen foot enclosed trailer that is easily pulled by an ordinary truck. Self-containment and flexibility was the intent when fabrication was started. With a few adjustments, the membranes can be changed to softening membranes or sea water membranes. The pre-filter housings can also host several different micron sized filters, from 1 micron absolute to 20 micron nominal. The control system can also be modified to suit any customer's needs, from simple controls to complete automation. The flow rates can also be customized by adding or removing membrane banks. STRATCO® can custom build any flow rates a customer might want. A smaller more compact unit is being designed that will have higher flows but in a smaller package.

The system was first designed to purify swimming pool waters in the Phoenix, Arizona area. With the ease of set-up and “off the grid” power independence, it was quickly realized to have much more market potential than just swimming pools. Almost every manufacturing business has a demand for pure water, including, but not limited to:

With the flexibility, mobility and power independence, these systems can be used as a back-up when existing equipment fails or they can be put into place permanently.

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